Photographed by Autumn Mooney

Photographed by Autumn Mooney

Photographed by Autumn Mooney

Photographed by Autumn Mooney

Activities photographed by Autumn Mooney

Friendly Faces photographed by Autumn Mooney

Destination weddings photographed by Autumn Mooney

Vibrant, elegant imagery from Hotel Photographer, Autumn Mooney

Freelance Photographer

Autumn Mooney is an architectural and hotel photographer, whose images capture the spirit and essence of a location. Drawn to resort and hotel photography whilst reviewing and photographing hotels for glossy magazines and high-end review websites, Autumn Mooney’s understanding of the traveler’s wanderlust and desire for holiday decadence is translated into powerful imagery.

Commercial Photographer

A professional portrait photographer and landscape photographer, Autumn Mooney’s added expertise allows her to produce vibrant and classic advertising images for clients.

Travel Photographer

Autumn Mooney is always on the move, exploring the world – her camera capturing friendly faces, exotic cultures and far away places we long to see. Through her photography packages and digital services Autumn Mooney brings to life a hotel’s character and elegance. Important details are encapsulated in every shot, igniting a desire for escape – where viewers yearn for the luxury of your hotel paradise.

Hotel Photographer Pricing

Package pricing can be matched to budgets – simply outline your requirements and request pricing quotes via the contacts page. Please include as many details as possible, for example: Location; Clients branding; Rooms and sizing; Dusk or night shots; Interiors; Exteriors; Spa; Fitness centre; Pool; Activities and lifestyle; Bar; etc.